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Getting started with volunteering at Hope Faith is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Follow the steps below to review our guidelines, sign our volunteer agreement, and ultimately sign up for a time to volunteer. 

If you have questions regarding accommodations for a group larger than 5 people, please email us at


Review our volunteer guidelines.


Sign our online volunteer agreement.


View opportunities and sign up for a time.

I love serving at Hope Faith because I love the people there. I love to bake, so I take treats for the kitchen staff. My husband offered to smoke some meat for me to take, but instead, I was moved to invite some of the interns to our home for a cook-out. With the blessing of the organization, I invited the interns.

When the night arrived, we all had the BEST time! The interns have become my “second family” and I love spending time with them. My prayer is that God will grant them the desires of their hearts. My life has been changed by serving at Hope Faith. I am blessed beyond measure!

Cheryl Sanders


It's such an exciting opportunity. I wanted to see what Hope Faith was doing, which is phenomenal work that they're doing, and also to provide any donations that they may need going forward. And we're just really excited to be here today.

Unite KC


Lucy and Daniel are from Liberia. When they heard about the opportunity to learn to sew, they saw the opportunity to meet an urgent need in their homeland. On a visit home, they took gently used clothing to the people in their town, but discovered that the children had no undergarments. Lucy has learned to make these colorful bloomers to send back and Daniel is learning to repair machines. When they retire, they plan to move back to Liberia and share their newfound skills. The volunteers at the center have even given them a sewing machine to take with them!  Hope Faith’s reach has no borders!

*Note: The sewing center is 100% volunteer driven!

Lucy and Daniel

I have volunteered at various shelters and charity organizations since I was a child due to mandatory assignments brought on by the Catholic school regiment. It was not until military college where I found a visceral passion for volunteering. The one thing I have realized throughout my years of volunteer experience is how significantly different Hope Faith Ministries is.

The community at Hope Faith–volunteers and interns–have repeatedly made me feel so appreciated. Those who run Hope Faith never fail to come visit me in the kitchen and catch up on what is new in life and how my medical school process is going. They are always genuinely interested in what is happening in my life and each one of them are great examples of altruism in action. Every time I walk into the Kitchen at Hope Faith, I’m greeted with the most welcoming smiles. I feel appreciated and valued at Hope Faith and it is difficult to walk out of the shelter having a bad day.

Not only are the volunteers and interns the light of the shelter but the clients themselves bring the place to life. They give Hope Faith Ministries its name. So many clients pass through the kitchen window and express how blessed they are even in their current situations; they demonstrate unyielding hope. Meeting people like this helps me realize how valuable our lives are and how much we can help one another. Volunteering at Hope Faith Ministries has been my joy, my therapy, and my hope.


Kitchen Volunteer

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