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Kansas City's only collaborative day center for those in need.



Hope Faith-Homeless Assistance Campus works to alleviate homelessness and poverty in Kansas City, Missouri by providing basic necessities and assistance, as well as, providing critical services and programs to empower individuals experiencing homelessness and at-risk individuals to become self-sufficient and independent.  Hope Faith is a non-denominational, Christian based organization that accomplishes this mission through a variety of programs and services.

Hope Faith is the only collaborative, daytime outreach facility in Kansas City, Missouri providing direct services to individuals experiencing homelessness and at-risk individuals, families, and youth. Hope Faith provides for immediate needs such as food, showers, clothing, laundry service, case management, and other essential services. Hope Faith-Homeless Assistance Campus provides office space and operational support for on-site partners that provide medical, dental, vision, and mental health services as well as additional case management resources. The Day Center is in continuous collaboration with external partners and service providers to offer the best possible solutions to empower individuals and break the cycles of homelessness and poverty.


Hope Faith is a Christian ministry dedicated to meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of homeless and impoverished men, women and children in Kansas City. The mission of Hope Faith is to equip and empower the homeless and less fortunate to be self-sufficient and independent. Our comprehensive approach is designed to not only provide for the critical needs of people in crisis, but to offer the services, resources and encouragement needed to make the difficult journey from dependence to independence.

Incorporated in 2004, Hope Faith Ministries, Inc. (HF) serves as an equipping day center for the homeless and poor in Kansas City’s urban core.  First operating as the Neighbor to Neighbor program in the Westport neighborhood, the organization has expanded its services from meeting essential needs for food and clothing to also providing services and programs with an emphasis on moving clients into independence as their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs are met.

Services include life skills, job-readiness, veterans’ programs, addiction recovery, legal and financial assistance, medical care and job placement referral. Hope Faith continues to develop innovative programs, not only for the homeless, but also for those who reside in the Paseo West Corridor.  With the expansion of its medical, dental and eye care services in 2014 and its Paseo West Community Garden (launched spring 2013), the health and nutrition needs of the local community are being addressed.

While “point-in-time” surveys show an encouraging downward trend in individuals and families in homeless shelters and living on the street,  an article in the Huffington Post notes, “The National Center on Family Homelessness reported that 1 in 45 children experience homelessness each year. This number amounts to a staggering 1.6 million children in America. Reports also indicate that 71 percent of homeless children are “doubled up” (living with friends, family or non-relatives for economic reasons), placing them among the 6.8 million people who stay in living situations they do not control. As such, they could eventually find themselves in a shelter or ultimately on the street.”

Working alongside other helping organizations and hundreds of volunteers, Hope Faith meets the needs of poor and homeless men, women and children. Please share in the joy we experience by becoming a part of this wonderful, life-changing work. Through your financial support, in kind gifts and volunteer service, together we will make a brighter future for those in need, no matter what size they are!


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