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Event Ideas:

The following are some ideas for your independent fundraiser.  We suggest thinking of something you enjoy doing (e.g. book club, cooking) and working to add a fundraising component into that.  This way you are not starting from scratch and, in addition to giving back to a great cause, you are doing something you love!


Do you have an upcoming birthday, anniversary, shower or bar/bat mitzvah? Consider making a contribution to Hope Faith-Homeless Assistance Campus in lieu of personal gifts – and ask your friends and family to do the same. This is a great way to get the kids involved!


Throw a cocktail party in your home or at a local restaurant or bar. Many venues provide great deals for very little money. Ask your friends to donate $50 and then spend no more than $20 per person on the food. This will ensure you will have a good amount to donate by the end of the night. Include a raffle or auction to increase revenue.


Ask friends and neighbors to clean out their basement or garage for a good cause. Organize a garage sale, and you’ll clean out your house while supporting those experiencing homelessness in our community at the same time!


Whether planning a small golf outing with friends and family or an outing for your business, think about making your swing really count and partnering with us to give back to the guests of Hope Faith!


Are you a local independent business owner, restaurant or retail owner who is looking to align with a great cause? Whether it is a percentage of proceeds for a week or simply collecting change, you can make a difference while you work.


Kids love to help!  Have fun with your students while teaching them about the meaning of philanthropy with anything from a coin drive to a read-a-thon. Be creative! We’d love to hear about your school fundraiser ideas and stories.


This is a fun way to raise funds while increasing awareness about Hope Faith. Host your trivia night at a restaurant or other local establishment and invite between 10 and 50 of your friends and family. 

Publicity Tips:

These tips and tools will help maximize publicity of your event through the media at very little cost.


A timeline is important in planning a publicity strategy for your event. Keep this timeline in mind as you put together a publicity plan:

3-4 months before the event:

Identify your target audience based on demographics, interests and location, and develop a targeted media list.

4-6 weeks before the event:

Distribute media materials (i.e. media alert, Facebook posts, etc.).

2 weeks before the event:

Make follow-up calls and send emails to the media who received the information.

1-2 days before the event:

Email and/or fax a media alert with the basic information about your event (who, what, when, where and why) to the TV news assignment desks and photo desks at the daily newspapers.


Photos are a great way to document your event, whether for publicity or simply to share with family and friends. Here are some tips on capturing special moments at your fundraiser:

  • Write out a targeted shot list in advance to make sure you get photos of everything and everyone you want

  • Take candid and close-up shots that capture the different aspects of your fundraiser

  • Include kids in the photos, if applicable

  • Capture images of your sponsors

  • Include three to four people in a photo for the best publicity shot

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